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The First Company Utilizes Clean Energy Generation in Beilun Harbor


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The First Company Utilizes Clean Energy Generation in Beilun Harbor

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Ningbo economic&technical development zone Hengda Electrical Co., Ltd. is a private technical enterprise in Beilun Zone, Ningbo. On March 24, this year, a small solar power generation system went into service officially in Hengda. Six 170-W solar panels (later added to ten) were arrayed on the roof and linked to the electricity grid, transforming solar energy to electricity. It is the first company which ever tried to utilize solar power generation

It’s reported that solar power generation system is not only clean and green, but also has a longer service life and a lower failure rate. It’s estimated that this system can save more than two tons of standard coals and reduce carbon dioxide emission by over 2.5 tons annually.

At present, Hengda is installing four 80-W solar street lamps in its plant area which supply lighting in the nighttime by the electricity transformed from solar energy collected in the daytime.

In addition, Hengda is going to install a small wind power generation system. Executives of Hengda said that they are trying to build Hengda into a model company in Energy Conservation & Emission Reduction by utilizing clean energy generation.

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